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Jefferson Auto Repair Will Provide Cold Air Intake Systems for those Clients in Montclair, NJ Area

cold air intake systems v2The auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ know how important Cold Air Intakes Systems are to vehicles in Montclair, NJ area. Regular maintenance such as air induction cleaning can help your vehicle start more smoothly and increase your fuel economy. It's important to understand what a Cold Air Intake System does and how you can benefit from an air induction cleaning or upgrade. So, let's take a look.

Air Induction Upgrades can increase your vehicle's power and your vehicle's fuel mileage. Four (4) frequently asked questions about Cold Air Intake Systems are:

1. What is a cold air intake system? – A cold air intake permits your engine to breathe. This intake system has an opening through which air flows and is sucked into the engine for combustion. The cooler air brings more oxygen into the combustion chamber, in turn giving more power to your vehicle.

2. Do cold air intakes really make a difference? – In short, yes, but horsepower and increased fuel efficiency may vary. Cold air intakes can help increase your vehicle’s performance by creating more oxygen as stated above. 

3. How much horsepower does a cold air intake add? – Cold air intake can add a significant amount of horsepower to your vehicle. With most vehicles, when the filter shifts to help draw cooler air, the horsepower can gain about 5 to 20 ponies.

4. Can cold air intake damage your engine? – A cold air intake that is not taken care of can slow down your engine's performance. Down the line, this can cause other vehicle issues so it's best to be proactive and ensures your air intake is working properly.

So how can a cold intake system help your vehicle? Several reasons include: 

  • Increased horsepower
  • Smooth Acceleration
  • Improvement in gas mileage 

Jefferson Auto Repair understands that these four (4) questions are very important to clients that live in Montclair, NJ area. Their auto repair mechanics are the best according to their customers and they make sure their customers feel safe that their cold air intake system is working properly for their vehicles. Hear what their customer, Yarik K. had to say,

"Jefferson Auto was recommended to me by a local body shop for a repair on my Yukon. Juan really spent the time to explain to me what the problem was and what they had to do to repair it. They got the job done in a day and left me extremely satisfied with the repair. I highly recommend these guys for any auto repair, great service/value!"

So, if you're in the Montclair, NJ area and are looking to get a cold air intake system done for your vehicle, then contact the best auto repair mechanics at 973-736-7008 or email them.

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