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Three (3) Signs That You've Found The Best Auto Repair Shop in Essex County, NJ

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The auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair know how important it is when you pick the right auto repair shop. But we know that when you choose us we will provide you with the finest auto repair service. Now, let’s talk about 3 signs that show you that you have found the right auto repair shop in the West Orange, NJ & Essex County, NJ area they are:

1. Our auto repair mechanics communicate really well – we will tell you what’s going wrong with your vehicle, how it can be fixed, and also what the cost will be in order to fix it. They will also explain the problem with your vehicle in a way that you will be able to understand.

2. They stand by their work that they do – the owner and auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair stand by their work and always let you know immediately when there is a problem with your vehicle.

3. We look out for your every day – the auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair recognize that their client’s day (time) is very important so they make sure to work quickly.

Here are some wonderful comments that our clients posted for us:

Michael W said, “Knowledgeable staff, quickly gets the job done so you don’t have to wait all day. Honest, reliable service.”

We Offer EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Service and Repairs for All in the Essex County, NJ Area!

IMG 3503We auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ want to provide all our clients in the Essex County, NJ area with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) service and repair. And, do not forget that we are still here for you during this pandemic. Now, we are going to talk about four (4) things to let you know what EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) really is and what it means:

1. What does the word EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection really mean?

Well, with the Electronic Fuel Injection it is fitted to modern vehicles that will combine the sophisticate computer controls with a high-pressure fuel delivery system that helps provide good optimum power and fuel efficiency to your vehicle. And, this system in your vehicle is controlled by an electronic control unit or (ECU) for short.

2. How does electronic fuel injection system work in your vehicle?

The fuel injectors in your vehicle will open up to let all the atomized gas get directly into the combustion chamber or even into the throttle body of our vehicle.

3. What trigger the fuel injection in your vehicle?

Well, injector ground circuit is turned on in the fuel in your vehicle and is then sprayed at the back of the intake valve. And, once the fuel in your vehicle is sprayed, it is then mixing in the air.

4. How will I know if the fuel injections are clogged in my vehicle?

How to Prevent Your Car Windows from Fogging Up

car windshieldThe auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair located in West Orange, NJ know that vehicles that have fogged up windows that can be a big problem for people that are driving on the road. They want to make sure that all their customers are safe on the road.

Let us talk about 4 things that can help when your vehicle has a damp window and they are:

1. Always keep the windows clean
2. Have your vehicle air out regularly when you can
3. Ventilate your car is always the smart way to go
4. You should also ask your car mechanic to check all the doors and windows to make sure that they are sealed properly.

Now, all of us here at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ know that during this Coronavirus Pandemic is really hard on all of our customers out there in the Essex County, NJ area but all of us here want to let you know that we are here for you to make your life better. And, do not forget that when this Coronavirus Pandemic is over and done with that, we will still be here with you supporting you in every way we can.

Here are two nice comments that our customers have said,

Sal B said:

“I needed 4 tires fro my Ford Focus, Juan ordered them from me over the phone and within a day the very well-balanced tires were installed. I had a long trip coming up and was glad to have this taken care of so quickly. I believe in supporting local businesses, and I definitely recommend this place.”

Auto Repair For All The People In The Essex County, NJ Area

auto repair for web 600Jefferson Auto Repair is an independently owned and even an operated family business auto repair mechanic shop located in West Orange, NJ. They had a plus 20 year-long reputation and counting for high-quality auto repair. JC and his auto repair mechanics pride themselves with all the excellence of the auto repair work and also the delivering of trustworthy service to each and every customer that is in the Essex County, NJ area. And, we really love having satisfied and happy customers because they are important to us.

The auto repair mechanics at Jefferson auto have a seven-bay garage that can help accommodate even large fleet vehicles from governmental agencies such as USPS (United States Postal Service). The USPS has been one of our long-term vehicle customers of ours and we will continue to deliver them auto repair on a continuous basis.

When it comes to doing auto repair and mechanic services done at Jefferson Auto Repair are done by using highly qualified auto repair mechanics. And, we can also work on repairing multiple auto repair work simultaneously, because we have a 7 bay garage at our location.

Those In Montclair, NJ Get Your Engine Tuning Done at Jefferson Auto Repair

tuning engineWhat does tuning the engine do for your vehicle? The auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ know that tuning the engine in your vehicle is usually done to help to increase the power output, handling and even the speed. The true meaning behind “tuning” is a calibrating and adjusting for your vehicle's desired purpose. Now, here are some things to know about engine tuning for your vehicle.

Here are four things to help boost your engine power to make sure the vehicle runs faster. They are:

1. Use cold air intake (CAI). Because it’s really cheap and the easiest way to increase your vehicle’s horsepower
2. Helps reduce the wait time
3. Make sure to install a performance chipset in your vehicle
4. Your vehicle should have a catback exhaust system

Does the tuning in your vehicle reduce engine life?

No! The tuning in your vehicle does not shorten engine life. And, if done properly the tuning will not leave any consequence on your vehicle’s engine other than to improve its performance.

Will tuning your vehicle hurt it at all?

No! It will not hurt your vehicle at all if it’s done properly and professionally.