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We Offer EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Service and Repairs for All in the Essex County, NJ Area!

IMG 3503We auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ want to provide all our clients in the Essex County, NJ area with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) service and repair. And, do not forget that we are still here for you during this pandemic. Now, we are going to talk about four (4) things to let you know what EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) really is and what it means:

1. What does the word EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection really mean?

Well, with the Electronic Fuel Injection it is fitted to modern vehicles that will combine the sophisticate computer controls with a high-pressure fuel delivery system that helps provide good optimum power and fuel efficiency to your vehicle. And, this system in your vehicle is controlled by an electronic control unit or (ECU) for short.

2. How does electronic fuel injection system work in your vehicle?

The fuel injectors in your vehicle will open up to let all the atomized gas get directly into the combustion chamber or even into the throttle body of our vehicle.

3. What trigger the fuel injection in your vehicle?

Well, injector ground circuit is turned on in the fuel in your vehicle and is then sprayed at the back of the intake valve. And, once the fuel in your vehicle is sprayed, it is then mixing in the air.

4. How will I know if the fuel injections are clogged in my vehicle?

There are three (3) things that you will know when your fuel injectors in your vehicle get clogged and they are:

1. Difficulty Accelerating
2. Difficulty Idling
3. And Poor Fuel Economy.

Remember that our auto repair mechanics here at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ are here to help you with anything that you need. Now, here are two nice comments that two of our customers left us:

Xavier A. C. said, “Best mechanic in New Jersey hands down. Great quality, best price and excellent customer service.”

Clarence M. said, “Honest people and very professional. Highly recommend!”

 And, do not foreget we are here for all the towns in the Essex County, NJ areas: East Orange, NJ / Orange, NJ / South Orange, NJ / West Orange, NJ / Cedar Grove, NJ / Montclair, NJ / Verona, NJ / Maplewood, NJ / Livingston, NJ / Bloomfield, NJ / West Caldwell, NJ / Nutley, NJ So, why not give us a call at 973-736-7008 or email us!

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