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Get Your Steering and Suspension Service done at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ

steering and suspension

Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ wants to make sure that your steering and suspension are in good working order. Balance, stability and also smoothness are there for you to have a comfortable ride and for your passengers. It’s said that your steering and suspension are there to make this possible.

You and your passengers could have a rough ride if your vehicle’s steering or suspension isn’t working properly at all. Here are some of the symptoms that can be a warning sign:

1. If you hear noise when driving over bumps
2. All of sudden your vehicle starts bouncing
3. Have a hard trouble turning
4. Car has uneven tire wear
5. Or, if you even have wandering wheels

Our auto repair mechanics at our Jefferson Auto Repair shop in West Orange, NJ will help solve your steering and suspension problem by giving your vehicle a diagnostic test. When we do a Complete Diagnostic Inspection of your vehicle, our auto repair mechanics will inspect every major system in your vehicle, and not to mention the important ones that involve steering and suspension.

Just to reminder; all our customers can take advantage of your reliable towing service and also our roadside service, if they every need it. We are here to make you more relaxed and comfortable knowing that you have a reliable auto repair company that is always here for you no matter what happens.

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