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Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ Wishes You Happy Mother’s Day

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Jefferson Auto Repair located in West Orange, NJ wishes everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. This is a time where people spend Mother’s Day to appreciate all the women and mothers in their lives and to show them how much they mean to them. Mother’s Day is when we honor mothers and motherhood. Ways that kids can show their appreciation to their moms on Mother’s Day is by sharing a poem. Here are some examples of Mother’s Day poems that a daughter and son can give them.

Click below to read more of two specific poems; one from a daughter and one from a son.



Mother’s Day Poem from Daughter

Sometimes you’re silly and sometimes you’re weird,
Occasionally I feel embarrassed and want you disappeared.
Sometimes you annoy me and I yell and shout,
And every now and then you make me pout.
Often I say things to you which I don’t mean,
And I might even act like a crazy drama queen.
But no matter what happens or how I may act,
My love and appreciation for you is an eternal fact!


Mother’s Day Poem from Son

I want you to know that I appreciate you,
And that I am aware of all that you do.
And though I may not tell you this every day,
I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to say,
I love you and am grateful for all that you’ve done,
Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day, with love from your son.



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