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Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ Will Help You're with Manual Transmission Service

 manual transmissionIs your vehicle’s manual transmission in need of repair? The auto mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair offer manual transmission services and repairs for clients in West Orange, NJ and in Essex County, NJ. Jefferson Auto Repair is the place to go in West Orange, NJ and in Essex County, NJ to get your vehicle’s manual transmission serviced.

How does your manual transmission work? The manual transmission in your vehicle works with the power produced by the engine in your vehicle that moves through the transmission before it reaches your wheels. The basic role of a manual transmission is to control the speed and torque when driving. Manual transmissions are often overlooked and may not be properly maintained, but they are vital in extending the life of your vehicle. The manual transmission services that Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ performs is one with care and attention.

Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ serving Essex County, NJ will drain fluid, flush your transmission and refill your transmission fluid. The auto repair mechanics will inspect any abnormal debris from internal failure and moisture due to condensation. Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ serving Essex County, NJ also services automatic transmissions.

What is an automatic transmission? A vehicle with an automatic transmission can repeatedly adjust gear ratios as the vehicle travels. An automatic transmission allows the driver from having to shift gears manually. Much like the manual transmission needs to be maintained so does the transmission fluid on an automatic transmission. The automatic transmission fluid used in your vehicle has a red or green color to help to distinguish it from the motor oil and other fluids in your vehicle.

So, how do you know if your manual transmission service is in need of repair? Here are some signs your manual transmission may be going bad:

• The clutch seems like it is sliding when you switch gears
• There may be a burning smell
• Your engine starts revving up

Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ enjoys helping clients with their transmission repair. Just here what our customer Karla M. had to say,

“Once again thank you @JeffersonAutoBody on Valley Road. Very professional mechanics, really appreciated”

So, next time you think your manual or automatic transmission in West Orange, NJ or in Essex County, NJ is going bad, bring your vehicle to the auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ. The owner Juan and his team will provide your vehicle with the best service and ensure all manual or automatic transmission services are being met. You can call them at 973-736-7008 or email them.

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