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Happy Holidays to all in Essex County, NJ from Jefferson Auto Repair!

merry christmas v3Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ wants you to enjoy this Holiday Season and to have a great time with your family and friends. The owner, Juan, and his auto repair mechanics want to let all their customers know that Jefferson Auto Repair has reliable roadside and towing services for everyone's vehicle during this Holiday Season.

We know that it is not uncommon to see lots of rain, sleet or even snow during this time of the year in the Essex County, NJ area. When it comes to the roads in the wintertime, weather can cause harsh and icy conditions, which are a really big concern. With our towing and roadside services, Jefferson Auto Repair offers the following:

Towing Service

• Vehicle towing within Essex County area
• Battery jumpstarts 

Jefferson Auto Repair Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving!

myspace thanksgiving backgrounds web blogAre you going away for Thanksgiving weekend? Then remember to stop on by Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ to make sure that your vehicle is up to date with everything that it needs to have done so that you can have a safe Thanksgiving weekend trip.

More than 54 million Americans here in the U.S. are expected to travel this Thanksgiving weekend. So, before you start to head out for your holiday travels, make sure you stop on down to the auto repair shop at 356 Valley Road West Orange, NJ. The owner, Juan, and his team of auto repair mechanics will make sure that your vehicle is in good condition for you to use when you go down the highway this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. 

We here at Jefferson Auto Repair want to wish everyone in the Essex County, NJ area a happy Thanksgiving. We know it’s that time of the year to spend with all of our family members and friends and to be thankful for all the things that bring us closer together. And remember, we want all our clients to have a safe time on the road this Thanksgiving weekend. May the holiday spirit always be with you. We wish you a harvest filled with lots of blessings and good health.

Roadside Service and Towing Available from Jefferson Auto Repair Montclair & Essex County, NJ Area

roadsideIf you’re in the area of Montclair and Essex County, NJ and are in need of roadside service and towing service, then the auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair are here to provide you with that service. Now, let’s talk about two (2) questions that people might have about roadside service.

What is roadside assistance?

It is a set of services that will help you when your vehicle is stuck on the side of the road, parking lot, at work and even at home. So, let’s say you get stranded. Our roadside service can help with any service that your disabled vehicle might need, for example, changing a flat tire, jump-starting a dead battery or towing your vehicle to our repair shop, Jefferson Auto Repair at 356 Valley Road in West Orange, NJ.

What can roadside assistance do for you?

Have a Flat Tire in Montclair, NJ? Then Jefferson Auto Repair has Roadside & Towing Service

bad tireLet’s say you have a flat tire while you are in the area of Montclair, NJ what do you do? Don’t panic, take a deep breath and call the auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair. Now, why don’t we talk about the four (4) signs of flat tires for your vehicle and they are:

1. Vibration – The tread on your vehicle's tires is said to develop a defect that cannot be balanced out. And this is because of the minor separation on the steel and polyester bands that are inside your vehicle’s tires.

2. Noise – Your tires on your vehicle can make all kinds of noises, for example, some are normal wear and tear while others are a sign of a bad tire. The so-called chopped tread is a sign of a flat spot in your vehicle’s tire. This is typically caused by a defect in the tire or the locking up of the brakes.

3. Wobbling – The word "wobbling" is said to be the most obvious  sign of a bad tire. This will only happen at very low speeds and then you will be able to feel the car bounce up and down and you may even see the steering wheel start to move.

Jefferson Auto Repair Will Provide Cold Air Intake Systems for those Clients in Montclair, NJ Area

cold air intake systems v2The auto repair mechanics at Jefferson Auto Repair in West Orange, NJ know how important Cold Air Intakes Systems are to vehicles in Montclair, NJ area. Regular maintenance such as air induction cleaning can help your vehicle start more smoothly and increase your fuel economy. It's important to understand what a Cold Air Intake System does and how you can benefit from an air induction cleaning or upgrade. So, let's take a look.

Air Induction Upgrades can increase your vehicle's power and your vehicle's fuel mileage. Four (4) frequently asked questions about Cold Air Intake Systems are:

1. What is a cold air intake system? – A cold air intake permits your engine to breathe. This intake system has an opening through which air flows and is sucked into the engine for combustion. The cooler air brings more oxygen into the combustion chamber, in turn giving more power to your vehicle.

2. Do cold air intakes really make a difference? – In short, yes, but horsepower and increased fuel efficiency may vary. Cold air intakes can help increase your vehicle’s performance by creating more oxygen as stated above.